Radon is an odorless, colorless gas believed by the Untied States EPA to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, right behind cigarettes, and the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. No level of radon is completely safe, but yet every home has some level of radon.


The first step to seeing if you are at high risk is testing the indoor-air radon concentrations, to see if they should be reduced or mitigated. No level of radiation exposure from radon is considered completely safe, but it cannot be completely eliminated. Governments around the world have set various action levels to provide guidance on when radon concentrations should be reduced, while recognizing that radon cannot be eliminated. The recommended action level for the United States is set at 4.0 pCi/l for radon in the air.


You may ask: who should test for radon? The answer is: EVERYONE! You may wonder if radon is located in Douglas County, and if it could pose a risk to your health and your families? The answer is: most assuredly YES! Radon kills silently and undetected, and is the greatest single source of radiation exposure the general public. Just because the neighbor’s house tested with lower levels of radon gas does not mean your house will test low also. Radon comes up from pockets of radioactive material know as uranium, which can be found in soil and rock. As it breaks down and deteriorates it becomes gas and it finds its way into houses through cracks in concrete, slabs, basements, or floors and can be lethal at higher levels, for extended periods of time.


We at A.R.T. Asbestos and Radon Testing use expensive state of the art continuous radon testing machines that suck air in and test over long periods of time, to ensure we have reliable results. The machine is left in the house on the lowest livable area or level for at least 48 hours, and then a report is written with the results averaged out. The machines takes test samples and averages every hour, and then give an overall average for the building or home being testing. The price is very low, at only around $195 at this time within the greater Roseburg area, and the piece-of-mind for protection of your family’s health and lives are beyond measure.


We at A.R.T. are fully trained under the WRRTC Radon Training Center, at the University of Colorado. We are fully insured and we have many years’ of experience in testing for both radon and asbestos. We are very reasonable, and overall, we have continually (hands-down) beat the price of any of our competitors.


Call us today at 541-496-0911 for testing and get piece of mind. – The A.R.T. Team