Our mission is simple: Fast, Efficient, Reasonable, and Reliable Asbestos Surveys, Testing & Removal. Testing your home, business or building is now more than great piece of mind, if you are going to do construction or demolition on your home, structure or building, the law is clear that you have it tested BEFORE you start your project! The Douglas County Landfill will NOT accept any construction waste from your demo or remodel project until you have a survey by an accredited inspector as outlined in ORS statute and Senate Bill 705. The DEQ requires you to keep a survey done by an Accredited Inspector onsite during deconstruction.


Our team if fully accredited in asbestos testing by PBS Engineering and Environmental for all your asbestos needs. We test from the small to large house, manufactured home, to apartment complexes, or commercial buildings and schools. No job is too big or too small. We are also fully trained under the WRRTC Radon Training Center at the University of Colorado. We are fully insured and we have many years’ of experience in testing for asbestos and radon. We are very reasonable, and overall we have continually (hands-down) beat the price of any of our competitors.


We are ethical and fair, and we do not do our own removal. This benefits you in many ways because we are not trying to pad our pockets “so to speak” with extra work. We believe that testing and removal are an ethical boundary that should not be done by the same company for the financial protection of “YOU” the client, and “YOUR” best interests.


Our solution to coordinating removal is simple, we always have 3 or more thoroughly researched, credible, very reasonable, and fast abatement contractors on a referral list that have proven to us to save our clients time, money, and hassle. You the client can choose the company to do the removal you feel most comfortable with, and we will help coordinate their services for free, as a courtesy to you.  This means, we have nothing to gain by finding asbestos during our inspections, and we don’t do extreme “over-sampling” (taking more samples than is needed) just to pad our pockets and make more money off you. We make a reasonable fair attempt to find suspicious or known asbestos containing materiel (ACM’s), in a sufficient manner, and call it good. Also, as a home owner, we can be of help to guide you through the steps and forms needed to do your own removal/abatement if any is found, and if you decide to exercise your legal option for removal.


We have never had an unhappy client, and we have a proven track record of getting the job done quickly, cheaply, efficiently and on schedule (please see the list of client referrals)! We are willing to work 7 days a week to accommodate any construction, demolition or home owner request, and we always write the survey report on the same day we receive the results from the lab, to save you time and hassle. From the time and day we take samples at your site, we guaranty your survey results in less than one business week!


Call us today at 541-496-0911 for a free estimate. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we are compared to our competitors! References, certifications, and proof of insurance are happily provided upon request! – The A.R.T. Team